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Professional Writing Services

White Papers

White papers are documents that provide unbiased information and facts. This type of paper communicates key features and outcomes. They are typically used to inform a specific audience rather than persuade a broader audience.

Pitches + Presentations

Pitches and presentations go hand in hand. This bundle of writing services typically includes a written script along with a visual document to present to your audience. They are highly persuasive in nature and can vary in length.


Articles are documents typically used in publications like newspapers and journals that communicate information 

about a certain topic. This type of writing piece is meant to persuade and inform a large audience on a specific idea.

Press Releases

Press releases are official company statements given directly to publications such as newspapers and media publishers. They typically address a public company matter and often use quotes given directly from executives.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are writing pieces that provide clear and concise details about a company's product. This type of piece is typically under 500 words and contains key phrases related to the company's goal for marketing the product. 


Ebooks are books intended to be read via electronic devices. They can be existing physical books that are reformatted to be an ebook, or they can be new publications. Ebooks can vary in length and are usually less expensive to distribute.

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